Oscar by the Numbers: How Ellen’s Selfie Tweet Spread Like Wildfire


Like the rest of us, the folks working at Twitter can’t get over how quickly Ellen Degeneres’ multi-celebrity selfie moved across the web Sunday during the 86th Academy Awards

On Wednesday, Twitter’s Michael Fleischman, head of media science, offered deeper insight into the social media activity spawned from the Oscars in a blog post. The ceremony attracted 3.3 billion impressions from Sunday at 5 p.m. ET to Monday at 5 a.m. ET: “Tweets about the Oscars were viewed over 3.3 billion times worldwide,” Fleischman said

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Dirilling down, Fleischman discovered 5.5 million people sent 19.1 million tweets during that time period, and 37 million people viewed them all on and Twitter’s mobile app and desktop client Read more…

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