Why Twitter Matters… Even if You Don’t Get It

why Twitter Matters
Twitter is working itself into the fabric of the web.

Main Point: Twitter is and has been working itself into the mainstream fabric of media but also into the backbone of the internet. At a minimum get you or your company positioned for the future. Read further or watch video below.

I have a love hate relationship with Twitter. On one hand I have met a lot of great people with the service. On the other hand it kind of annoys me on a daily basis. I won’t go into that here because I want to focus on why it is essential for you or your company to start to use Twitter.

You might have heard that Google, Bing, and Yahoo have now signed agreements with Twitter to allow data sharing to what is called the Firehose data. Although it’s tough to see how this matters for Yahoo because Yahoo is in an agreement now for Bing to take over its search infrastructure.

All these search engines are starting to integrate twitter into what is called real time search. You might have seen some of it already if you do a lot of searching. The key point is this is not slowing down and it’s picking up as the Twitter team searches to justify their valuation.

Also the other day Twitter released the Firehose access to a few more start ups. These range from single person operations to well known properties like (which is a great service).

Behind the scenes Twitter is working itself into the fabric of the web. So don’t ignore this move but set yourself up to be there as the connection becomes deeper and more meaningful.

What to Do Now

If you haven’t already now is the time to get started with Twitter. Create a personal account and a business account. Use these accounts as much as you can. The key to being able to leverage these accounts in the future is having a seasoned and trusted account. One of the ways trust is accomplished is by time. So the sooner you get started the better off you will be in the future.

Use to find people who you would like to connect with. Follow them and start conversations. Right now it’s just important that you have a well seasoned and no spam account.

Unsure of Where to Start? (Shameless Plug)

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