What is Twine and Why You Should Use It

Twine is a social networking site that allows you to connect anything you find online within one inter-twined conversation. From Facebook, Myspace, Digg,, Bebo, Twitter, blogs,  etc… all are connected within a conversation or twine in one place.

Essentially a very robust comment stream with multiple contributors. These interests help to group your personal interests and also allow you to connect with other Twiners that share your interests as well.

A Twine can include: Bookmarks, Pictures, Videos, and soon more. Also other Twiners then can leave comments on your Twines and the links to the content giving praise or criticism to those links. The power of Twine is where you can create Twines and share insights, links, posts, and other content within the twine. Others who are interested in the same topic can add comments, additional links, posts, blogs, videos, the list is endless.

Twine Moving in the Direction of the  New Semantic Web [you tube video].

To begin Twining go to Squidoo-HowtoTwine.

You can also get a quick overview of the most current Twine news from Marketing Direct Candice Noble as well as you can visit their Quick start Twine at Twine Get Started

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