Ways to Market Online with LinkedIn

I just read a great post on marketing you or your business on LinkedIn. I agree with all of it but wanted to add some productivity tips that I have found helpful.

On LinkedIn Groups

Join all the groups that make sense for your market or target market. Before you start your own group participate in discussions in both groups and answers. After a few weeks of this then start your new group. This way when you invite people to join they will be more familiar with you. Also add content to your group before you invite other to join.

Also make sure your new group has content. It’s simply not effective to have a group that is empty, it  doesn’t drive engagement. So add some discussions and questions that you know your target market will find of value when you first start your group.

On Advanced Searching

After you do an extensive search you can keep track of people by creating a tag (which is essentially a list):

Using LinkedIn Tags

You can find tags by clicking on the ‘my connections’ tab. This allows you to easily keep track of people you want to connect with or people who you have had conversations with.