How to Brand Your Tweets on

We just found a great new tool that allows you to brand your Tweets on Twitter. Yes, every tweet you do can include a link that is branded to you and links to wherever you want!

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Essentially it allows you to create your own application and communication with Twitter. This allows you to create a branded link for how you interact with Twitter.

If you didn’t watch the video above this tool essentially makes it easy for you to create your own branded link in the line below your Tweet. The example below you see that I sent the tweet below from YouBrandInc. When you click that link it goes to our website.

You can set this application to be any name that is not already registered with Twitter and link to anywhere you want.

It’s rather simple to set up and includes AIR application to connect to Twitter.

To get this tool visit this website here.

They include good walk throughs on setting up both their application and creating the authentication on Twitter.