Choosing One is the Key to Social Success

Social networks VS Google

Here is a secret to engaging and mastering the social space… pick one social network and focus on that one first. Pick one and interact in only that one network. Focus and act daily on what you can do to increase awareness, interaction, and engagement.

Why is this critical for you to do this now? Let’s start with referral traffic. I saw a very interesting graph from a report title Social, SEO, and the Open Graph: What to Do Now (PDF).

Now this is nothing new but what was striking to me was the vast amount of difference in google vs social networks. Take a site like USA today, referral traffic from Google ranks in at 6% while 29% comes from the social space.

Down at the low end the Gap’s referral traffic from Google barely slips by the 7% of referral traffic from the social web. With these stats you can’t help but say to yourself… gee I should be in the social space. Let’s go past all the obvious and beyond the catch phrases and talk action items.

Make it all Shareable

Make your content and products (in fact make everything shareable). You never know what someone will find interesting so why not put it all out there. I’d strive to make it as interesting as possible.

Recently on Facebook one of my friends shared the stats of a new car he was thinking about buying and asked his friends what they thought. This created over 50 comments and even a few likes… which I kind of thought was odd–but I guess that is a show of support.

Figure out the role each social platform has in your business or in your marketing. Your blog might be used to let your target market learn more about you or to share stories of how your product has changed your customers lives.

Facebook might play more of a customer service and customer conversation tool. A great example is something interesting I saw from the textile business (by the way saying textiles always makes me think of the 40s for some reason). Now this article talks about how suppliers are testing social media. A great pull quote from this article comes from Jannice Cameron-Chapital, VP of marketing of Hollander Home Fashions:

“Facebook is an important tool that allows us to communicate directly with consumers. It is quickly becoming an immediate conversation between the marketers and the consumers. ‘Where can I get this? What colors does this come in? I love this pillow – where is it sold?’ are questions we are getting directly from the consumer every day on Facebook. We are able to respond immediately to the consumer and it also gives us the opportunity to follow up later to make sure they were able to purchase the product and get valuable feedback.”

That’s a very important element of a successful social media engagement plan. Figure out how or where the platform plays a role in your business and your marketing.

Just as Facebook has been found as immediate conversation tool for Hollander Home Fashions this network might play a similar role for you . Twitter might fit that void as well. LinkedIn can be used for a great research and competition tracking tool. Especially now since you are able to follow companies.

Your niche networks serve these same roles but might be a quicker way to reach your market. ActiveRain the real estate based social network is a place to reach real estate professionals. Sure you can find them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and to some extent Twitter. On ActiveRain you know they are committed, you know they are an active audience. So if you had a product that sold to this market here is where I would start first.

Pick One

As stated above… the secret to engaging and mastering the social space– pick one. Pick one social network and focus on that one first. Pick one and interact in only that one network. Focus and act daily on what you can do to increase awareness, interaction, and engagement.

Then when you have that one down pick another. Also place no timeline on this effort. Sure  you should track results and go in with some goals in mind but then focus on taking little steps to improvement.

For some it might be a week for some it might be a month. Try one, master one, then move on.

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