4 Tips on How to Get Social Media Done

How to Get Social Media Done
4 Tips to reaching the finish line in social engagement. (image by Rykerstribe)

We had a social media marketing presentation yesterday to a group of entrepreneurs, business owners, and people responsible for marketing. I had a good time and when we give these presentations we hand out a feedback sheet. I appreciate every piece of feedback good or bad as it gives me an tremendous insight about what people feel and think about social media.

One of the most common questions was something along the lines of:

…Now I understand social media now but how do I get all this done?

Here are my brief thoughts on this…

Just as everything else in business if it is something that is worthwhile and something that you believe will bring you benefit you will find the time. If for instance a few of your accounts are 30 days late in paying you might take the time to put in a few phone calls to see what the issue is. Social media engagement is the same way.

I do want to give an in-depth post on this here in the near future so now I’ll just list out my thoughts:

1. Schedule

Put it in your schedule. Even if it’s 30 minutes a day. For most people if something is in thier schedule they make it happen. Treat this appointment like a very important meeting in your business– because it is. Also schedule in time weekly to do a analysis on your efforts. This is one of the biggest things you can do to start implementing a social engagement plan.

2. Focus

Focus on learning one to two networks first. Facebook and Twitter probably are the first ones I would suggest. Then move onto others that are relevant or niche networks inside your industry. Also don’t sign up for every tool under the sun. For Twitter I would suggest either Tweetdeck or Hootsuite and for Facebook I would suggest SocialOomph. Although all those tools allow you to manage both so it’s not as big as a choice as it used to be. As you get more comfortable start adding tools to your tool belt that make sense for you and your business.

3. Analyze

Do a self analysis. This concept was crystallized for me when I spoke to Tiffany Odutoye in our latest interview. Analyze yourself or your team to see if your way of working or your personality will fit well within social engagement. Some people are not overtly social, if this is the case for you it might take a little more work and effort.

4. Retain

Retain and put into practice what you learn. Today there are tons of resources for learning how to engage social media. You could spend the next few hours going from post to post just on Facebook fanpages. Here is the key. Yes do your research but take key items that make sense to you and put them into practice right away. At a minimum create a action item list of things to do based on your research. I see this happen many times– someone does tons of research, they understand what they should be doing but they are either overwhelmed or unsure because of way too much information. You really do learn more by doing.

Getting it Done

Oftentimes I find that the technology and the tools create a barrier of understanding. Start with what makes the most sense to you and move on as you get more exposure and experience. That really is the key even with a space like social media that tends to change every few months.