Your Opinion… One Way to Get Paid

Think and Leave Your Opinion (Howdy, I'm H. Michael Karshis)

One way to differentiate yourself right now is to have a opinion. But go deeper and have an opinion about your industry, your niche, or what you do.  But I know you’re saying… I already have one of those (or a few). Awesome!

The next step is make sure those opinions are valid and you can actually back them up. Having an opinion is simply not enough. The ability to persuade and sway others to your side is where the true power resides.

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Think about all the technology changes happening right now. Most are focused on communication. To name a few we have growth of social networks and YouTube. Then there are blogs, overseas voice and video calls, on demand books and podcasts.

Now more than ever has it been easier to get your opinion and your voice heard. But it also means that…

Today it is necessary that you are a critical thinker and can back up these critical thoughts.

It’s not all about talking

There is a point to all these conversations. At least I believe there should be. Your opinion and five dollars will get you a coffee at Starbucks.

So sharing your opinion has to have a greater purpose. A greater goal. This is where the power of crafting a personal image (brand@#!) will complete the circle.

When you share a very well crafted personal opinion, that is spot on and gets to the heart of your target market. Often times it gets circulated immediately and causes people to do a couple of things.

First, they say, hey that makes sense… or no, this person is completely off their rocker. Either way they typically want to engage. Then well the next step is to find out exactly who you are. Enter your personal marketing strategy. When they are interested you this fills that void.

At this point this is where you want to have a blog (with more opinions and value). Also it wouldn’t hurt to be well represented in social media. From there is where the money and income flows.

Now how exactly does your opinion become an cash register?

If you are swaying people to your side (by critical thought) there will be no shortage of people who want to work with you, your company, or buy your product or service. It’s really that simple.

A Word of Caution

When you state an opinion you immediately have people that disagree with you.

Good. That’s all on that.

But There is a Catch…

Beyond an opinion you must have substance to what you do.

Why do people listen to Warren Buffet? This is a stretch but I think it has something to do with his track record on investing and making money. Just a guess (sarcasm).

So you can sit on the mountain and spout opinions all day but if you have no substance with what you do or measure of success your opinion means next to nothing. Sorry it’s reality (no sarcasm).

So before you share an opinion and spend time backing it up do a check and make sure that you have substance. Ask yourself does my opinion have weight based on my accomplishments.

I’m not saying someone won’t listen to you without accomplishments, they might, but your opinion will get no traction unless you have the accomplishments to back it up.

It’s also not necessary to have the same level of huge success that Mr. Buffet has. You simply just have to have some measure of success.

What Should You Do Now?

I find it userful to dress like Socrates to critally think (Picture by tiseb)

First, I would suggest you dress up like Socrates (trust me this helps). Then look at your market or niche. See where there are opinions, thoughts, or even misconceptions. Take a stand, state an opinion, make it good.

Then think critically about it. Tear it apart, prove yourself wrong, bring yourself to a point where you simply start doubting yourself. If you still feel inside it is right and you can sway people to your side then go tell the world.

(shameless plug) Now if you need help telling the world you’ll see on the upper right of this page there is a place to enter your email. Here you will learn over the next couple days tips and secrets to finding your target market to make the sharing of your opinion a little easier.