What is Start Up Weekend and Your Values vs Your Politicians Votes

Your values vs your politicians votes
Ideas can be infecting. Have you ever been or heard of start-up weekend? It works like this…

A group of developers, marketers, jack of all trades, gurus, and aspiring business owners sit down for a weekend to create something.

If you are in any way entrepreneurial I suggest when they hold an event in your area that you attend.

Currently as I write this post I’m on a team that is working on an application that helps you realize if your values align with how your politicians vote. It’s kind of like a Pandora/Mint for politics.

Day 1 and Pitches

Essentially day 1, there are a few speech’s given by various successful investors or business owners. From there the pitches begin. You go to the front of the room and have 60 seconds to pitch your idea. concept was pitched by Jeffrey Miller. Of all the pitches I heard this is the one that I thought would be the most challenging and exciting to work on. For the past day we have been working hand and hand with the developers launching and marketing the site.

If you read our blog or listen to my podcast we talk about new media and your opportunity to market and connect with your target market. Sometimes though nothing can beat just getting out there–isn’t  that really the ultimate form of social media?

If you have a few minutes please support us and check in our progress at