Special Report – Personal Branding is a Joke

We have released a new special report called Personal Branding is a Joke.

Click image to view Personal branding is a joke.

You can watch that special report here.

Three core reasons we feel personal branding is a joke:

  • It feels like a rejected corporate catch line
  • It’s like packaging with no real substance
  • Brands tend to based on single common theme, most people have more depth than this

Here’s a few quotes from the:
“Screw Google! if the internet dies, phones evaporate, and Apple renames the IPad to something that doesn’t sound like a female hygiene product, people will still search for miles and miles to come get what I’ve got…”

“A brand does not define the depth of a person”

“What did Tiger and Oprah do?” (Yes as required we mention Tiger and Oprah).