How to Launch Your Idea

Are you ready to launch your idea? (image by jurvetson)

Do you have an idea, maybe a cause, or some type of technology you wish just existed? In this post I will share with you how we recently helped launch an idea and how you can do the same.

For this case study let’s use our recent experience with launching Polywiks at Start Up Weekend Twin Cities (click here to learn more about that). Here are the steps to take…

Step 1 – Clearly Define Your Idea

This is the most important. You have to be able to sell your idea, position it in the market place and it has to be a no brainier. Also it helps if it is something you are passionate about.

Jefferey Miller with PolyWiks clearly did this with his pitch and in private conversations. Polywiks – your values vs your politicians votes.

Step 2 – Do Others Care?

Create a landing page with a short video that is right to the point. On this landing page give people the opportunity to learn a little more, share via Facebook, Twitter, and enter their email address to get more information. This will tell you if your idea has legs.

We did this with Polywiks, we quickly shot a video with Jefferey Miller whose team and idea we decided to champion. After a couple of takes and editing in a call to action (website and Facebook) and we were off.

Step 3 – Use Your Existing Audience

This step wouldn’t have been possible a few years ago. Use your existing audience and with the help of some social media targeting create a ground swell of sharing and conversation.

We used the phone, Facebook, Twitter, and email to create buzz and a groundswell of activity.

Step 4 – Communicate and Share

Once you are building momentum and gaining a larger audience continue to share, educate and connect. Then move your idea along and grow your support.

We released pictures, updates, and videos. Plus asked for more support.

The Results

I should mention for this project we didn’t go all out for a couple of reasons. First the idea hasn’t been completely fleshed out yet and second we had to put our energies in other areas for the weekend competition. Here are the numbers as of Sunday night:

  • Launch Time: 5:15PM Saturday website went live. Facebook page went live 6:30PM.
  • Email Subscribers: 50
  • Twitter Mentions: 450
  • Facebook Likes (page):  135
  • Facebook Likes (website): 36
  • Mentions: A few in forums and other sources
  • Traffic: 303 daily (still growing)

Admittedly these are not super huge numbers but let me mention a few things.

50 people on email list is a great start. Even if only 2 or 3 of those on that list want to champion your cause or idea you are on your way.  If we would have really gone all out I think we could have easily at least quadrupled our results.

The main point is–today and as you read this never before has it been possible for you to garner support for an idea in such a quick time. So if you have an idea get out there and launch it.