How to Get Free Press

Getting in a newspaper, on top tier blog, or in a magazine can drastically change your business.

While forging relationships with reporters and writers is a good strategy, this is a long term approach.

What if you could get up to the minute requests from reporters who wanted your expertise?

What if you knew of reporters who absolutely had to know inside knowledge about what you do each and every day?

This would be be valuable wouldn’t it.

That’s exactly what the free email delivered service HARO (help a reporter out) sends out each and every day.

How HARO Works

Reporters (who are on deadlines) are always looking for sources. Usually they are given a story or a guideline of a story. From there they set out and do research. They talk to all sorts of people. Many times the reporters aren’t well versed on the subject matter.

So they immediately start looking for trusted sources.

Add to that a deadline they are under and this can be a challenge.

So as a reporter or someone looking for a source, they can go to HARO, and enter the requirements for what they are looking for.

HARO sends out these emails daily.

It used to be three times a day but now they have segmented the lists.

It takes less than 2 minutes to scan thorough these emails to see if there is a reporter you can help out.

If you see a story you could provide value with you simply follow the direction that the reporter has provided. It’s that simple. Now while not guaranteed to get you press, as with anything else it’s one more brick in your foundation.

It’s that simple.

HARO used to send out one large email, but they now let you choose the different types of updates you would like.

Currently HARO has these categories:

  • Business and Finance
  • Lifestyle and Fitness
  • Giftbag
  • High Tech
  • General
  • Travel

They intend on adding these categories when they get enough queries to justify it:

  • Biotech and Healthcare
  • Entertainment and Media
  • Education
  • Energy and Green Tech
  • Sports
  • Public Policy and Government

There are 5 Rules

HARO does have rules, and these rules are one of the many the reasons why reporters trust HARO.

  1. You will get three emails a day, M-F, with reporter queries from reporters and outlets from all over the world. Scan the emails, and if you’re knowledgeable about any of the topics, answer the reporter directly.
  2. Don’t SPAM reporters with off-topic pitches in response to their queries.
  3. You MAY forward queries to friends, but DO NOT post them on blogs or anywhere on the web.
  4. You’re not allowed to harvest the reporter email addresses in the HARO emails for any reason.
  5. Be excellent to each other.

Seems pretty fair doesn’t it?

But Don’t Just Think About Yourself

Here is a great networking tip. You see a request for someone you know. Let’s say you know Sally that runs a floral shop. You see a reporter looking for small time floral shop owners who have embraced social media. That doesn’t work for you but you instantly think of Sally. Would she appreciate if you forwarded this along…

Sally, I subscribe to a free service that let’s me know when reporters and magazine writers are requesting sources. When I looked at it today I instantly thought of you.

I’ve included it below. If this is something you can help them with I would get it to them right away as the deadline is 6pm tomorrow. I just wanted to forward that over, I look forward to coming in again and picking up some flowers. Good luck.

That doesn’t take that long does it?

Do you think Sally would remember that you did this even if she didn’t get mentioned in the story?

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