Rockmelt Browser Review

There is a new socially connected browser that I’ve been using for a bit now that I think is worth sharing with you. This new browser is called Rockmelt.

To be fair this isn’t a new idea. You might have heard of the Firefox based browser Flock. While I tried to use Flock and really wanted to love it ultimately it just didn’t grab me.

What RockMelt Does Great

Being that the this is a chromium-based web browser it just feels that it runs faster than both the latest versions of IE and FF. Beyond the speed what has struck me even more is how the Rockmelt changes the browsing experience.

If your like me  you might have a few browsers open, multiple tabs, etc. With this browser and the “edges” of apps and updates you feel as if all your main connections and favorite sites are within every window. This is what has surprised me most of all while using it in my primary browsing.


Social Connections

If you are a heavy user of both Twitter and Facebook then the integration with both these networks will be a great feature. Essentially on both edges of the browser there is a section called the “edge” (might of took them a while to come up with that one). Essentially you have a notification box that when you click it gives you the stream of updates and conversations.

Instant Update

You can also use the edge for your favorite sites or feeds. Ready for complete over the top plugs… maybe you want to follow your favorite Twitter list or follow the RSS feed of your favorite marketing blog or maybe how about your favorite new media podcast. You get the idea.

One advanced way you could use this is to create a Yahoo Pipes feed based on the top websites you visit. From there you can follow this feed in one of your edge boxes.

Easy Sharing of Stuff You Find

Sharing to your social channels is one click away. There is a button at the upper right that allows you to easily share an update to Twitter (multiple accounts) and Facebook. Plus if you have email connected such as Gmail you can easily send an update via email or even send a Facebook message.

What Rockmelt Could Do Better

The extensions could be handled a lot better. One thing I should mention if you use Chrome and have quite a few extensions installed you will have to re-install them for Rockmelt. You are able to pull in your bookmarks but will most likely have to rearange them if you are using your bookmark bar heavily.

Another thing that I wish I was able to do was turn off the notifications. These pop-up as you get a message or you have unread Facebook updates. While easy to ignore they can still be distracting when you are focused on other work or doing things such as screen captures or video conferencing.

What About Privacy?

From all communications I’ve seen from the company they do take privacy very seriously. They don’t retain browsing history but as with everything else (and we learn with Facebook every 3 months) all that can change.