6 Tools For the New Media Marketer

New Social Media Tools
New Media Tools for Social Media Marketer (image from Flattop341)

I wanted to share with you some tools that I use and find extremely useful as a new media marketer. Hopefully you are aware of some of these already, if not I’d jump right in and get to testing the ones you think could help you.

I didn’t go in depth with each tool I just gave what I find to be the biggest features useful from each tool. Also I summarized my thoughts then scrapped how each tool defines itself on their website.

If I missed a tool that you would recommend please include it in the comments below:

1. Flowtown – Social Data and Connections

Flowtown is only half of what I dream of in a new media marketing application– but that half is great. This tool will pull in email addresses and show you which social network someone is on. But it goes deeper with metrics, response campaigns, and demographics. I suggest this tool to anybody serious about new media marketing.

When all you have is an email address, Flowtown can give you a name, age, gender, occupation, location and all the social networks that person is on. Go here to check out >>

2. Etacts – Email Reminders

Etacts tracks who and how many times you communicate with someone. You can also set some reminders and rules so you never forget to send out a message to someone that you should be keeping in touch with.

How often do you communicate with the people you should? etacts tracks that for you (for free). Visit Etacts >>

3. Swix – Social Analytics

ROI and social media, one of the 7 wonders of the world. Not quite anymore with SWiX. This tool goes a long way to easily display engagement metrics. You can also then tie in dollars spent and campaigns to specific time lines and specific social actions.

SWIX is like Google Analytics for social media. You wouldn’t run an important web-site without tracking your traffic patterns, nor should you invest in social media without understanding how it’s working for you. Visit swix >>

4. Gist – Focusing Your Connections

Ever wondered who the most influential people are that you interact with? How about waking up everyday and knowing based on a rating you set who you should contact first? Gist pulls in your data and allows you to change a scale of influence to see who and where you need to contact someone.

Gist helps you build stronger relationships by connecting the inbox to the web to provide buisiness-critical information about the people and companies that matter most. Visit gist >>

5. Threadsy – One Social Inbox (yeah)

Isn’t it annoying that you don’t have one inbox? Let’s just take the big three of multiple email accounts, twitter direct messages, and facebook messages. Wouldn’t it be great to have one inbound inbox?

Threadsy pulls together your email and social accounts into a simple, enjoyable experience. Visit threadsy >>

6. BuzzStream – Tag Team Influencer CRM

I’ve been a paying member for a few months and I have to say this is one tool that I go back to time and time again. Visit a webpage, click a button and it will scrap all the pertinent contact info for a blogger or the site owner. Awesome.

How do you build credibility online? You do it with lots of hard work, cultivating quality relationships with the press, bloggers, thought leaders, webmasters, microbloggers, and other influencers. But until now, that process has been time-consuming and resource-intensive. BuzzStream is a new platform for building more effective and more human relationships online, without all the overhead and bandwidth. BuzzStream will help you. Visit >>

Thoughts Overall

Each one of these tools has it’s own strengths and weaknesses but overall these are some of the best new media engagement tools out there. If you have a tool or application that you use that is not on this list I’d love to hear about it. Share below: