Why I Love Snuggies and You Should Too

Ah the Snuggie

At first I should start off with a disclaimer.  I don’t own a Snuggie, I don’t think I will ever will own a Snuggie, and I’m not quite sure if it’s a good idea that you own a Snuggie as well.  Beyond that disclaimer and the demise of mankind as a whole I think what Snuggies has done is absolutely genius.

If you haven’t seen their latest commercial I’ve included it below in all its greatness.

I highlight this is a great example of a company with a product that is embraced its place in the market.  Just when you thought Snuggies couldn’t be more cheesy they hit you with the Macarena.

The Target Market

One of the main reasons I feel this is a brilliant move is that they clearly know who their target market is.  They’ve identified their target market and their place in modern culture.  The vast amount of mentions, shares, media time, and conversations off this latest commercial effort is evidence to this. I’ve personally seen it shared, mentioned on news casts, early morning radio shows, and media buys on various cable channels.

Put yourself in the shoes of the marketing director for Snuggies.  There you are in your blanket with sleeves trying to figure out how to reach the market and gain the attention of the consumer.  Your product been out for while and sales have stagnated.  The vaunted holiday season is on its way.  What to do what to do?

And while there tons of people giving praise to old spice and Isaiah Mustafa–I think some praise should be given to Snuggies.