The Vocal Minority

Find Your Vocal Minority (image by JMRosenfeld)

One secret to capturing your market is to focus on a vocal minority in your market. Connect and deliver your product or service beyond their expectations. Done correctly this enables you a gateway into the rest of that vertical. These are the people in your vertical market that will spread the message—before you go deep or wide in any market make sure there is the ability to go after this 1-2% of this core market.

Twitter and SXSW

Twitter used the vocal minority strategy in 2007 when it became popular at the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival. Twitter was betting that this mix of entertainment and tech savvy individuals would resonate with updates from other attendees on strategically placed 60-inch plasma screens in conference hallways. It worked and that year Twitter not only stole the show from there three years later went on to have a 1500 percent growth in number of users, integration into most major websites, and an announcement in April 2010 that the Library of Congress will achieve the collected works of the social platform. (Lohr, 2010)

Dell and Ubuntu

Dell used the power of its ideas in action initiative to listen and then release Ubuntu a Linux-based operating system complete by launching on the homepage with a headline “By Popular Demand Ubuntu Has Arrived”—now at the time I doubt that the consumer was thinking I really need a new operating system—especially one I’ve never heard of. (Saleem, 2007). This played well into the vocal minority of geeks looking to be heard, thus Dell was mentioned in various tech blogs and throughout the Linux and open source community.

Finding Your Vocal Minority

Considerable effort should be put into finding this vocal minority in your market or in your different vertical markets. With the rise of social media, blogs, forums, and real time conversations finding these influencers has become even easier. Today and going forward finding these influencers and courting them to your service or your product will be the key to capturing market. You role needs to be to find this vocal minority and over deliver. Over deliver with your product or service.

This done correctly will give you a backdoor to your target market.