Becoming Part of the Conversation – Case Study

CaptureWhile watching football these past few weekends I’ve noticed a campaign from Hyundai that is is going in a direction of where I feel the world of advertising and engagement is heading.

I also look at this as an example you can use to help you improve your engagement with your clients, prospects, or prospective customers.

You might have caught these commercials, they direct you to a website called The general outline to these commercials goes something like this…

we know when you choose to buy a new car you do research, you ask your friends, you go to third party websites, you look at reviews… so on and so on. Essentially validating what you already do as a consumer.

The call to action for this commercial is to visit their website where Hyundai has put together all these ‘conversations’ for you to view in one place.

I believe this is a small glimpse things to come from big brands as advertisers and brands grapple with the changes in the consumer mindset.

When you visit the website above you are greeted with is a pretty slick interface containing various stories, reviews, and general news about Hyundai.

Looking behind the scenes what seems obvious that Hyrundai realizes you are doing research as a consumer (not much of an insight). So the ploy here is to aggregate this information in one place so they can control the experience.

By control it really is to direct the user to a call to action. The links you see at the top and bottom. The driving force behind this strategy is to give value to the visitor; by giving they hope your next step will be one or many of the 5 call to actions located on the page.

Receive Updates (permission based marketing)

You give the company permission to send updates directly to you. If this back end was intelligent enough to send updates based on purchase time, model, and GEO target that would be amazing. Also if done correctly this is one of those opportunities in marketing where the company would have a good opportunity to build a relationship with you as you’ve invited them to update you frequently.

Tell a friend (relationship based marketing)

This is nothing new here but giving the ability to allow someone to send this website to a friend or spouse makes it easy for this site to be put into the trust column.

Locate & Request a Quote (call to action based marketing)

These are buying call to actions, most likely someone using these links are further along in the sales cycle. If I were building this strategy this would be the focus of why we would put this site together.

Build Your Own (custom experience based marketing).

This redirects to a process of building vehicle based on your own make, model, and options. Brands such as Nike have been moving in this direction for a while (see NikeiD). While the Hyundai process is a not as unique and custom as designing every small aspect of customized footwear the mindset and process is in the same realm.

My Take on the Site

As a marketer I like the site on one level, as a consumer (who is a marketer) it’s a hit and miss.

Sure if I’m in the market for a new car I would be doing research. But what I found on this site is the user experience is not what I would want if I was doing serious research on my car buying options.

But maybe that is part of the strategy… where I think this site wins is in the attention factor.  The biggest diminishing factor marketers are faced with today is the attention of the consumer or a prospect. Garnering this attention is the focus of advertising today and of tomorrow. This might just be where this site is creating it’s biggest payoff.

Look what the advertising and design is telling you:

  • We understand you, we know you are doing your research, in fact we will agree with you that this is a smart thing to do, and by validating this we offer to you one place that will make it easier for you to accomplish this.
  • By directing this validation to a specific landing page and not the corporate site it garners attention, keeping the options simple and concise this website is designed to convert to 1 of 5 call to actions

Based on my experience with web marketing I’d be willing to bet that most stats on this website point to that a user looks at an average of 4-5 stories then does one of the five call to actions.

What I would like to see is the what level of bounce rate this site currently has and how it changes as they further dial it in.

What does this mean for you?

When looking for inspiration or moving trends typically it is good to look at what is working or what others are trying. With advertising, when you see something that tends to be around for a while you can reason that it is effective on some level. The economics of it make sense after all, if it wasn’t working most companies would change, adapt, or simply stop this strategy of advertising.

What do you think about this direction Hyundai is taking and my take on the whole matter?