The Disgustingly Awesome World of the ‘Double Dare’ Obstacle Course

Our friends at The A.V. Club just published an insanely awesome oral history of the obstacle course from Nickelodeon’s classic game show Double Dare, and it’s chock-full of icky, messy fun. The Disgustingly

The obstacle course, of course, was the best part of Double Dare. At the end of each episode, the winning team would have 60 seconds to go through eight various, sloppy obstacles. Prizes were awarded for each obstacle passed, but if you completed the whole course, you walked away with a big prize. Nevertheless, each obstacle was a kid’s silly dream that included things like walking through a gigantic ear (full of stuff that looked like earwax), a human hamster wheel, swimming through vats of baked beans, and more.

Awesome World of the ‘Double Dare’ Obstacle Course Tuesday (Nov. 22) Prendergast School held their annual Mustache Assembly for Men’s Health, where they presented the proceeds collected from their “mustache sales” for Griffin Hospital’s Health Initiative for Men (HiM).

Accepting the donation on behalf of HiM & Griffin Hospital were Frank Michaud (HiM Fund, Valley Community Foundation) and Tricia O’Malley (Executive Director of Development, Griffin Hospital).

The Health Initiative for Men is an effort to help inspire men to have an annual physical and to raise awareness about men’s health issues such as prostate cancer and colorectal cancer. Ansonia Students Raise $525 For Men’s Health Initiative | Valley Independent Sentinel you are Venezuelan, Zimbabwean, Russian, Turkish, or American; whether your democratic process has been fatally compromised, or your fellow citizens have knowingly voted in a monster; indeed, even whether you’re right or wrong — I feel your pain. Here’s what to do: Be pessimistic Approach the situation as an engineer would. If the worst-case scenario is cataclysmic, then you need to mitigate that risk, even if it’s low. So you think you elected an autocrat | TechCrunch




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