Personal Branding and Cheese on a Stick

cheese-on-a-stickWhat is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the fair?

Do you think of greasy food? Spending time with the family? The carnival games? Or the many attractions that are beckoning for your attention?

What the Fair can teach you about personal branding.

When you are at the fair, you see all of the booths, the overpriced heart stopping food that your stomach just can’t live without.

As you stroll amongst the crowd and take a closer look… what offers and experiences draw you in?

Why are you there?

Before you came to the fair you knew what to expect. You knew that finding a spot to park, spending money on the games and food were part of the budget when you came.

But why did you go?

You went for the experience, the lasting memory. Your there because they offer something once a year that you can only get once a year. Think about this for a second.

Most state fairs or even local fairs give you a complete unique experience that you can only get when you are there.

So what can the fair teach you about creating a personal branding?

It’s about the experience.

Can you develop a similar experience?

The kind of experience that clearly defines your unique value to your client or prospect.

You want this to be an essential part of what you do as you interact with your clients, audience, or your target market.

Create that once in a year feeling. Remember it’s the little things.

Someone I met with recently gives amazing gifts to each and every person he works with. Even if you pack away the gift (very few do) you are guaranteed to remember it… and him by the way.

Why it works

Why is the fair successful? In most places it has become a tradition. People plan on it, some people plan their summer around it.

So make this special thing you do just like the fair you want to make it a tradition.

It should be something that you do each and every time.

Done correctly this can be one of your personal brand touchstones.

So this year if you go to the fair consider this as you eat your deep fried twinkie!