2 Personal Branding Insights

We haven’t talked about personal branding in a while.  I go back and forth on this. Personal branding as a concept makes sense but in practice it to me is a form of self appreciation that is overrated. Focus on being great and good at what you do. From there your personal brand will build itself.

In that light here are two concepts while taken from the broader scope of branding can be applied when someone is focusing on the art of self marketing.

Show, Don’t Tell

Presenting yourself or your personal brand isn’t an idea or description. It’s an expression by example. When given the opportunity to present yourself don’t just tell what you believe but show what you believe. If you believe marketing one way is superior to another then show through your own efforts how this is effective. Yes, actions do speak louder than words.

Showing someone the way is more effective then telling the way. Have you noticed when someone on the street gives directions they oftentimes look in the direction you need to go then point when you or describe the route with their hands? This is becuase at the heart we a visual beings. We love a great story but we love it even more when it’s told through actions.

Prompt Behaviors, Not Ideas

We complete our internal conversations about things with our own actions, and by doing so we become associated (engaged) with a process. It’s one thing to have an idea, but moving people to action with this idea is another thing. Go beyond having your idea, work on taking your idea and connecting with people to spur the idea forward.

When you create a behavior this draws out a further connection with people.  Today, the messages and the interactions we have are two way streets. No longer do we broadcast messages out and they are there to be consumed. Consumption of your idea happens when people engage, react, and add to that idea.