Thursday Soccer RoundUps’s a spacious home, but it’s dwarfed by the mansion where Abe’s son, Isaac, lives on Schunnemunk Road in Kiryas Joel. Kiryas Joel is considered one of the poorest communities in the nation, with one-income households and large numbers of children, per family. More than 40 percent of the families rely on the federal government for food stamps. From Milwaukee to Kiryas Joel: Following Medicaid millions made on urine tests Keating has slammed Australia’s big business lobby groups for being obsessed with tax cuts and ​lacking the imagination to prevent the economy slipping backwards. He has also taken aim at “conservative Australia”, saying it doesn’t understand that economic growth needs to be about “inclusion and justice” so everyone shares in the spoils of rising national income. “We can see in America today what the loss of these balances means, watching the extremes of income and wealth rip at the fabric of American society,” Keating said. Paul Keating says company tax cut is no holy grail and growth must be inclusive Brief Russia is investigating various forms of autonomous weaponry, according to reports. Its robotic warfighter initiative comprises both land-based and aerial vehicles. Russia’s Robots Robots are now sophisticated enough to fight alongside human combatants on the battlefield. Russia Is Pressing Forward with Its Autonomous Warfighter Program Idell, a veteran of media research and advertising measurement with nearly three decades of experience, has joined Snap as head of entertainment measurement. Snap hired Idell to help pitch its advertising products to movie studios, TV networks and internet-video platforms. Prior to that, she spent more than eight years at Nielsen, where she most recently held the role of EVP of client solutions leading the company’s relationship with Disney. Snapchat Recruits Former Nielsen Exec Cheryl Idell to Head of Entertainment Measurement (EXCLUSIVE)

Boston Dynamics CEO Believes Robotics Will Become “Bigger Than the Internet” Great Disruption In the world of ever-advancing artificial intelligence (AI), robotics continues to offer glimpses into the future intelligence machines could usher in. Trained to understand and mimic human emotions, Sophia is a prime example of how robots are becoming incredibly human-like. “When we have robots that can do what people and animals do, they will be incredibly useful,” he said. Boston Dynamics CEO Believes Robotics Will Become “Bigger Than the Internet”