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Approach the situation as an engineer would. If the worst-case scenario is cataclysmic, then you need to mitigate that risk, even if it’s low. Fifty years ago, notoriously liberal Afghanistan was full of hippie tourists, while hordes of Italian sunbathers flocked to Somalia’s beaches. Thirty years ago, Yugoslavia was the most cultured and Westernized nation in all of Eastern Europe, while Zimbabwe was the breadbasket and great hope of southern Africa. How things change. So you think you elected an autocrat | TechCrunch a blueberry farm outside of Tampa, Florida, on Monday, UPS tested the use of drones for residential delivery for the first time. The logistics juggernaut specifically launched an octocopter, or multi-rotor drone, from the top of a delivery van. The drone delivered a package directly to a home, then returned to the van which had now moved down the road to a new location. UPS tests show delivery drones still need work | TechCrunch